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27 Cyber Security Capacity Building;

Cybersecurity is one of today’s most urgent issues and, at the same time, often neglected. Due to the rising complexities and accelerating developments, many governments, institutions, and individual users are often not or barely able to keep up.

More than ever, we need secure ways to use the necessary tools for contemporary work and life. We need an open, inclusive, and ongoing discourse that aims to tackle and reflect on cybersecurity issues. Although many key players and initiatives are separated into different specialisations, we believe that the vast complexities and connections between them justify a collective conversation to enable secure ways to use today’s tools and environments.

We will research online, with invited experts from different countries reflecting on a variety of developments in technology, design, governance, and legal frameworks in cyber security. Each participant will be asked to engage with the domain of artificial intelligence and the question of producing justice by design. This means that we will look for step-by-step corrections of the industry through each design instead of putting it onto the state to regulate. The professorship will produce the synthesis, which will tie all the resources together.

The Cyber Security Capacity Building Project will do the groundwork and think with the global histories of cyber security, policy development, key definitions, cyber espionage, cyber warfare, cyber diplomacy, and global hierarchies.

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