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7 Cracking the Code;

How can we promote diversity and inclusive action by teachers and students of the teacher training and actively promote them? How can the ArtEZ teacher training programmes attract various groups in our society? In various ‘site specific’ projects, round table discussions and inspiration meetings with guest speakers organised alongside and around the normal programmes, inclusive thinking and acting are ‘practised’ in an experimental manner. The Cracking the Code project contributes to and supports the value of the ArtEZ artist-educator as an agent of change.

The starting point of this project is that the curriculum of the educational column and the composition of the curriculum does not reflect the cultural diversity of today’s society and, moreover, does not explicitly prepare for a society in which multiculturalism is a condition for living together, which reduces ethnic tensions instead of fuelling them. The aesthetic, philosophical and educational canon that is presupposed in the education column is white and Western and therefore does not prepare the students for a more diverse culture in which they must function as an art teacher or artist educator.

Diversity in Education is an integrated approach with concrete actions throughout the educational column. It is only through an integrated approach that the problem can be tackled because the causes of the lack of diversity are somehow interwoven in the current system in every possible way. The project is subdivided into multiple parts, in which not only the curriculum, but also the intake process, the teaching methods, the learning environment, the assessment and the work field are involved. Only by addressing it as a total project do we think that this project has a chance of success.

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