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24 ButchCamp Calendar;

Histories are full of unheard voices and marginalised stories. Lesbian camp, much like the majority of lesbian history, has been missing from the more and more popular theories on camp.

With ButchCamp Calendar, a project situated at Werkplaats Typografie, Isabella Toledo and Rosie Eveleigh aim to correct this historical oversight and to contribute to the visibility of queer and lesbian history and community.

We work through a process of intense research, image amassment, and publishing in sets of three on Instagram to establish historical narratives between images across history. The ButchCamp Calendar 2020 edition is a calendar made up of 53 themed collages that point out sub-sections of the camp aesthetic, as seen through sapphic eyes. Week-by-week, images from popular and unpopular culture take on new meaning. Details of the forgotten and the iconic are rescued from indifference, and the history, present, and future of queer identity all coexist.

Mykki Blanco, guest editor of Dazed, August 2018: ‘BUTCHCAMP is an online project and archive that visually and thematically represents a vertigent of the camp aesthetic which is closely tied to lesbianism, and somewhat away from the commercialised gay male epicentre. A feast for the eyes—always culturally and historically very interesting. Enjoy!’

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