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4 Art-Based Learning;

What is the role of the arts in the world that we live in? How does Art-Based Learning open up new ways of thinking about the future? How do we become the builders of our future using creativity as a tool? Can we activate futures through our Art-Based Learning practices? How do we understand the materiality, politics, and affect of our learning communities?

Art-Based Learning is an innovative educational concept for art reception for use both in the school system and outside it. It is about the creative dialogue between the spectator and the artwork.

A series of courses for Art-Based Learning have been developed and offered by the collaboration between Professorship Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) and CultuurCollege. Additionally, an online masterclass series Art-Based Learning has been in development and presentation. The Art-Based Learning Masterclass is a series of short, insightful, critical, creative, playful, provocative, and practical insights that showcase the core ideas, principles, and practices of the Professorship Art education as Critical Tactics at ArtEZ. Following Art-Based Learning. Handbook Creative Education (Coutinho 2020), the masterclass consists of six Modules that help understand the process, practice, and implementation of Art-Based Learning to create creative futures. The masterclass has been made in addition to the exhibition Mieke Bal | Art out of Necessity with guest curator Jeroen Lutters.

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